Range of application

The variety of automated disinfection processes calls when reviewing a product that meets all requirements. The DES-CONTROLler will not only meet these high standards, it surpasses it by its ability to provide both qualitative and quantitative evaluation results. Our bio-indicator works perfectly both in chemical, thermochemical and in thermal disinfectors. This is proven by years of research, numerous tests and practical examinations of renowned companies and institutes. For more than 20 years, the DES-CONTROLler is successfully in use in Europe and is used for the inspection of all types of disinfection processes. A selection of the suitable for you DES-CONTROLler can be found in the following catégories: Tests in the field:

• Hospital

• elderly nursing home

• Laundry

• Hotel / Spa

• Gastronomy

• prisons

• Cosmetics