How exactly does the DES-CONTROLler work?

The functioning of our DES-CONTROLler is very easy to explain. The seed medium (contaminated with reference seed cotton swab) are enclosed by one of a thermally, mechanically and chemically stable, yet flexible membrane. A leak of germs from the membrane and thus contamination of the machine is thus excluded. Heat disinfection effect and liquor but not affected by the membrane, so that the normal disinfectant kills the germs in the machine in the ideal case. After the test, the DES controller, you can normally handle by hand, are sent back to our lab, and you receive the evaluation results within 24 hours via mail / fax or mail.

Why the DES-CONTROLler has four chambers?

The fact that the DES-CONTROLler has 4 chambers, each with different loadings has high bacterial (10E3 to 10E6) can be made not only a qualitative statement about the disinfection performance, but also quantitative information, namely the extent to which microbial reduction has taken place.

How long the DES-CONTROLler is durable?

Because this is where the germ carriers, live microorganisms that DES-CONTROLler have a limited shelf life course. This we give 6 weeks. You naturally get when ordering ALWAYS THE controllers have this really the shelf life of 6 weeks still, so that you remain absolutely flexible in your scheduling.

How much does an investigation?

It is of course dependent on how big the machine is tested, as it requires more than a DES-CONTROLler from a given capacity. The list prices for the various DES controller, please refer to the price list. These prices include the evaluation, the result creation and reporting of results are included. Is still to be observed that it is the KT-4 is a four-germ carriers, that means: it contains 4 bioindicators.